Prajakta Raibagi: Director, Counseling Psychologist and Trainer, Counseling India :

Prajakta Raibagi is  a certified Counselor from Prerana Academy of Growth and Guidance, Bangalore with a Masters Degree in Psychology from Madras University.

Child & Adolescent counseling, Adult Counseling, Relationship Counseling and Family Counseling are my areas of expertise.

With a rich experience of changing lives of over 300 children, adolescents, adults, families, and couples, she has offered over 2000 hours of therapy depending on the patient’s emotional state and need. Her biggest strengths are her insights and skills to quickly identify the root cause and help her clients recover with superior techniques of therapy as well as assessment and diagnosis.

She takes a client centered approach and follow the Virginian systemic Model while working with couples and families.

She uses various therapeutic tools like Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Behavior Therapy, NLP, Transactional Analysis, and Gestalt etc. to help her clients towards self-awareness, self-management and empowerment to bring in the change they want.

Her offerings range across different challenges within varied age groups – self-esteem and self image issues, skin problems, unidentified body aches and pain, llifestyle diseases, parenting, prenatal & postnatal struggles, relationship problems, varied sexual orientations, stress, work life balance, teenage problems, parenting stress, abuse, mental health issues like anxiety, depression, obsessive thoughts, fear, developmental disorders in children to name a few.

She has been conducting seminars for children, parents & teachers on various topics in corporates, schools and social groups.

She has the experience of Counseling, Supervising and Training the Trainee-Counselors at Prerana Academy.

She has volunteered at Enable India, an NGO for the differently abled, for training young adults in computer skills and grooming them to become financially and emotionally self-sufficient.

She believes in constantly learning & upgrading her knowledge and skills and hence regularly attends various workshops and courses.