Our Team

Prajakta Raibagi: Director, Counseling Psychologist and Trainer, Counseling India:

Prajakta Raibagi is a certified Counselor from Prerana Academy of Growth and Guidance, Bangalore with a Masters Degree in Psychology from Madras University. Child & Adolescent counseling, Adult Counseling, Relationship Counseling and Family Counseling are my areas of expertise. With a rich experience of changing lives of over 300 children, adolescents, adults, families, and couples, she has offered over 2000 hours of therapy depending on the patient’s emotional state… Read More

Maitreyee Kshirsagar, Counselor, Counseling India:

Maitreyee,  is a  trained  counselor  from  Prerana  Academy  of  Growth  in  Counseling  for  Children  and  Teenagers.  She is  currently working with Counseling India as a Counselor and Trainer. She is also associated as a Counselor and Supervisor in Prerana Academy of Growth and Amable, Geniekids…Read More

Our Consultants:

Medha Pujari: Medha is a special educator working with children with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities since 2004. She is involved in the screening, functional assessment, IEP preparation and actual training of the child with autism and associated caregivers.

She runs a training and intervention center for autism and other developmental disabilities called KAIZEN. She conducts lectures and demonstrations for school teachers, pediatricians and families dealing with Developmental Disabilities, etc.

Our Advisors and Associates

Dr. Rajesh Shivappa, MS (Gastroenterology): In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Rajesh is actively involved in mentoring young people towards a more fulfilling life.

Dr. Karunesh Kumar, MD (Medicine): Dr. Karunesh Kumar is associated with Counseling India since 2005 and has been a source of advice and help.

Dr. Milind Munshi, MD (Pediatrics), DCH: His keen understanding of Childhood Problems is a resource we tap into quite frequently.

Dr. Sandeep, DCH: Dr. Sandeep is associated with our clinic from the day of its inception and is highly supportive of Counseling as form of treatment for Childhood Disorders.

Dr. Shoiba Saldanha, MD, (Obstetrics and Gynecology), DNB, DGO, Diploma in Counseling ( Banjara Academy) : A mentor to us, Shoiba is also the Cofounder of ENFOLD Proactive Health Trust working on Adolescent Health, Sexuality and Child Sexual Abuse and is involved in Health Education Dissemination, having interacted with over 18,000 students.

Mrs. Munira Akhtar, Senior faculty for Montessori training, Ex-Principal- Little Feat Montessori House of Children: Mrs. Munira is an advisor and mentor for the clinic.

Mrs. Mukherjee, Principal- Arunodaya Montessori House of Children: Mrs. Mukherjee has about 40 yrs. of experience of working with children and has been associated with the clinic for the last 3 yrs.

Dr. Kurien Zachariah, MS (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation): Dr. Kurien heads the PMR Dept. at St. John’s Hospital. He has been an active mentor for the last 9 yrs.

Dr. Seeta Bhat, BHMS: Dr. Seeta is a hands-on Homeopath with an open and holistic approach towards Psychological healing. She has been associated with the clinic for the last 3 yrs.

Mrs. Chamundeshwari T., Activity and Academic Coordinator, Gear Innovative International School: She has been a mentor to children for the last 10 yrs. and her lateral thinking approach has benefited many a child.

People’s Skills: People’s Skills is engaged in the task of Facilitation. They are probably the only Corporate Training organization with qualified counselors and psychologists on their team. We are associated with them since inception.

Isis School of Wisdom: It is the brainchild of Sheila Bajaj and is associated with Counseling India since its inception. We conduct joint programs with them for victims of domestic abuse. She also conducts meditation classes for relevant clients.