Seminars and Continuing education

Awareness and knowledge seminars

Seminars for parents and teachers:

Understanding young children: This seminar allows parents and teachers to understand different developmental milestones for young children- with specific emphasis on emotional, social, cognitive and moral developments.

An introduction to the adolescent psyche: As the name suggests, this seminar provides an understanding of the joys, trials and tribulation of adolescence. This seminar can be an eye opener for teachers and parents alike and will make you rethink your reactions to the irreverence and arrogance of the soon to be adults.

Using rationality and love in school and home: This workshop uses the principles of CBT and effective parenting for teacher training and  parental guidance. This workshop equips the participants to use techniques to motivate children towards self-growth.


Rules, Boundaries and Discipline: This seminar is all about effectively inculcating discipline using behavior therapy principles.

Recognizing depression in teenagers: Depression is, now a common affliction of teenagers. This seminar provides in depth understanding of early onset depression and how to recognize and tackle it. It also provides information about the medical, psychological, physical and social symptoms of the ailment.

Seminars for Teachers: Dealing with children with special needs: An overview of childhood disorders: This seminar is meant for teachers to gain an understanding of different psychological disorders affecting young children.

Learning disability: This lecture provides an in depth understanding about the said topic to allow teachers a peek into the struggles of a child with LD.

Dealing with teenagers at school: This workshop is all about equipping you with the skills and strategies to effectively deal with adolescent behavior.

Sensitizing teachers to adolescent disorders: This is an overview of disorders affecting adolescents to create awareness among teachers and to sensitize them to teenagers with special needs.

Intake criteria: No intake criteria

Takeaway: Certificate of participation

Certification from Counseling India after completion of case studies and supervision

Continuing Education for counselors and psychologists: Putting the different tools and techniques of counseling into practice: While a counselor may not be expected to diagnose a case, it is of primary importance to know how to use the different techniques during therapy for maximizing the effect of therapeutic intervention for the client This course also covers the basics of therapy for commonly seen disorders such as Learning disability, ADHD/ADD, Autism spectrum disorder, anxiety and depression

Cognitive Behavior Therapy: CBT is a proven technique based on rational thought where the therapist is an active participant and the goals are objective and measurable. This seminar will equip you with tools to use with your clients to hasten the therapeuticprocess.

This course covers the basics of cognitive behavior therapy model, cognitive restructuring and recognizing of thinking traps, core belief work, problem solving, relaxation techniques and use in clinical settings. The seminar involves assignments and field work

Applying different schools of therapy to everyday clinical practice: This seminar is meant to give the counselors the confidence to use the psychodynamic, cognitive, humanistic, behavioral and other theories in clinical practice.

This seminar focuses on four major schools of psychology and involves paper assignments, presentations, case discussions and supervision of real world clients.

Intake criteria: The above seminars is for qualified counselors and young psychologists with minimal experience. Experienced counselors and psychologists are also welcome.

Takeaway: Certificate of participation on completion of seminar

Certification from Counseling India for the said seminar on completion of assignments and field work