Child / Adolescent Counseling

Counseling is a well established process that deals with the psychological health of a person through cognitive, affective, behavioral or systemic intervention strategies to enhance wellness, personal growth, or career development.

HOW COUNSELING HELPS: When a child misbehaves he is often misunderstood. So a professional counselor can help in differentiating between a tantrum & a difficulty

Symptoms that a child May need counseling: Anyone who faces :

  • Academic

  • Behavioural

  • Social

  • Any other school related issues

  • Emotional issues

  • Bed wetting &/or thumb sucking

  • Excessive aggression / whining or crying

  • Repeated sadness bouts or withdrawal

  • Disinterest

  • Insecurity or changes in sleep patterns

All such issues manifest into physical symptoms such as aches and pain, rashes, tummy upset etc.

Adolescent Counseling:  This is a phase where one doesn’t have to wait for a problem. Most adolescents DO NOT have an open communication with their parents. A counselor can give a safe, comfortable and a fully confidential space where these young adults feel accepted. This is an easy alternative to get them in touch with their own inner strength to face any issues and resolve them. This is an important phase in life- when handled well, the child is better prepared to face the world.

Some Overt Symptoms that Counseling Can Help With:

  • Any kind of additions- substance abuse, technology overuse

  • Relationship issues- With authority figures

  • Over or undereating

  • Self Image & Self esteem issues

  • Sexual Identity & Orientation issues

  • Academic / Vocational /Career Guidance